Replacement Lens Guarantee Claim

The Rudy Project Replacement Lens Guarantee (RLG) Australia covers all lens damage (e.g., scratching)
from use or activity on all RP Optic, Polar 3FX or ImpactX Lenses made by Rudy Project and on products
that are in the current year's Product Catalog. RX or Prescription lenses are NOT covered.
Through Rudy Project Australia Replacement Lens Guarantee (RLG), consumers can opt to replace
scratched lenses for a nominal processing fee directly through Rudy Project Australia.

Cost for Replacing the lenses

Photochromic Lenses $60.00
Polarized Lenses $60.00
All other lens tints $35.00

Freight $9.90

Send Damaged Lenses Back for Replacement

To have your lenses replaced under our replacement lens guarantee, please send your damaged lenses back to us

Workit Spaces Rudy Project RLG
A1 / 35-39 Bourke Road
Alexandria NSW 2015

What happens when we get the lenses back?
We will create an order in our online Rudy Project web site for the lenses returned and at the RLG prices
We will then email you invoice to pay online using our secure online portal.
Once payment is received and providing we have the lenses in stock we will ship out the replacement lenses using Australia Post regular service
You will get tracking details at the day of shipping emailed to you as well.
What you need to send back to us along with the Lenses
Please ensure you send us all your details, without them we will NOT be able to process your RLG claim
NOTE - You MUST send in your old lenses to process your replacement lens claim (no exceptions).
  • Name
  • Address
  • Mobile
  • Email
How long does it take
Claims take 5-7 working days
Can I change my lenses to a different lens tint?
Answer is NO - We replace what was sent back to us. If you send back a yellow lens we replace it with a yellow lens.
If you want a different colour tinted lens you must purchase that lens