GIVE 5$, GET $5

Give your friends $5.00 off on their first order (over $100 )and get $5.00 for each successful referral. Use the link in the rewards launcher to invite your friends and get your unique discount codes.


Benefit from a number of sweet perks and offers

Save Money!

Spread the word of Rudy Project!


With our Rudy Project rewards system you can earn rewards you can earn these by following us on socials, subscribing to our newsletter, writing reviews or placing an order.



How many points do I have

How can i earn Rudy Points

You can earn points by sharing, buying from, and interacting with Rudy Project in different ways. To see all the ways you can earn points please scroll up to the top of the page.

Can i use additional discount coupon codes after i have redeemed my points for credit?

No, only one code can be redeemed on a particular cart. Save your points for another purchase! Points expire after 365 days of no use.

How do I get $5.00

You can earn $5 in referral points by sending your code to a friend! Once they make a purchase over $100, you will receive points in your account.

You may refer as many friends as you like!

Please note: The person you referred must make a qualifying purchase over $100 for either party to receive points or discounts.

Do points expire?

Your points will expire after 365 days of non-use and are non-transferable.

I didn't mean to use my points - can i get them back ?

Yes, as long as the redeem code has not been used you can email us

Provide the email address associated with your account and the code you received and then we can help you from there!

What can i use my Rudy Project points on?

You can use your points on all products in the Rudy Project AUSTRALIA web site only.

How do I redeem my points?

Once you have enough available points, you can simply select 'Redeem' - again within the panel; click 'Apply code' for the discount to be automatically applied at checkout. Once you redeem a reward, it will appear under 'Your Rewards'. It's worth noting that only one reward is allowed per order.