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Discover the Excellence of Rudy Project Prescription Glasses and Sports Eyewear Across Australia

Hey there, fellow visionaries and sports enthusiasts!

Welcome to our cozy corner where we talk all things eyewear, especially when it comes to rocking that athletic look with top-tier clarity! Here, at Rudy Project, we're not just about the specs – we're about a lifestyle that merges passion with precision, sport with style, and vision with vibrant experiences.

Spotting Us is Easy! Wondering where to snag your own pair of Rudy Project prescription glasses or dive into the vibrant world of Rudy Project cycling glasses? Just pop your postcode into our nifty store locator, and voila! Discover our expert dealers, sprinkled across the fab locales of Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. Find the nearest dealerships near you, whether you're in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, or Brisbane. Your next eyewear adventure is just a click away!

Optometrist Darwin: If you're in Darwin and looking for professional eyewear guidance, our specialized optometrists are here to serve you. They're not just retail whizzes; they're also your go-to for sports prescription inquiries and all sorts of eyewear TLC.

Sunglasses Brisbane: For those sun-soaked days in Brisbane, our Rudy Project sunglasses offer both style and UV protection. Don't let the sun cramp your style – sport Rudy Project shades and stay cool.

Sunglasses Perth: In the sun-kissed city of Perth, you'll find our sunglasses as your trusty companions. Shield your eyes from the harsh Australian sun while making a fashion statement with Rudy Project eyewear.

Ride with Rudy! For all our pedal-pushing pals out there, our Rudy Project bike glasses are crafted just for you, blending sleek design with that much-needed wind barrier while you coast through your next ride. Our Rudy Project glasses aren’t just a shield; they’re your next cycling buddy!

Prescription, Precision, Perfection! We’re gushing over our Rudy Project RX glasses, a haven for those seeking that perfect blend of clear vision and dynamic designs. Whether basking under the Sydney sun or embracing the winds in Melbourne, our Rudy Project prescription sunglasses keep you stylish and squint-free!

Repairs and Care: We've Got Your Back! Run into a snag with your eyewear? Our specialized optometrists aren’t just retail whizzes; they’re also your go-to for sports prescription inquiries and all sorts of eyewear TLC.

Let’s make every journey, every sport, and every vision crystal clear together – dive into the Rudy Project experience and let’s kickstart your next adventure with clarity and style. Find Rudy Project eyewear near you today!

Discover Rudy Project Premier Optical Retailers in Your Capital City

Clovelly Optical

Nestled in the Eastern Suburbs, stands as a pinnacle of superior optical solutions. Based in Randwick, it's carved a name for its unparalleled service and quality. Central to their expertise is Tony Cole—a maestro in performance eyewear with over two decades under his belt. Tony is renowned for specializing in Rudy Project sports prescription eyewear, assuring athletes and enthusiasts in sports like cycling are equipped with the finest glasses tailored to their exact needs.

But Tony's expertise doesn't stop at sports. He's also a trusted name when it comes to safety glasses, essential for those in mining and on industrial worksites. Adhering to the highest standards, these glasses are sourced from Rudy Project Italy and rigorously meet Australian safety standards. These aren't just functional; they meld safety with style, a testament to the quality and design prowess of Rudy Project.

The best part? No matter where you are in Australia, Tony ensures accessibility. Whether it's Rudy Project prescription eyewear or safety glasses you're after, Tony offers delivery Australia-wide, making top-tier optical solutions just a click away.

For those seeking the epitome of optical excellence, whether it's for sport, work, or leisure, Tony Cole at Clovelly Optical is the answer.

Boneham Peters Optometrist

A well-established optical store with a rich history dating back to 1984. Over the years, they have expanded to three locations, with two stores in the city of Sydney and a new store in Mosman. The name of the practice may have changed, but their unwavering dedication to vision and eye care has remained a constant.

One of the notable aspects of Boneham Peters Optometrist is their expertise in Rudy Project eyewear. They have been selling Rudy Project eyewear for an impressive 20 years, making them seasoned specialists in this brand. Specifically, they excel in providing direct in-frame prescription solutions, ensuring that customers receive eyewear tailored to their precise vision needs.

Their commitment to staying at the forefront of optometry is evident through their active involvement in graduate and postgraduate education for optometrists, both nationally and internationally. This dedication to continuous learning and keeping up with the latest research ensures that Boneham Peters Optometrist can provide their patients with cutting-edge eye care solutions.

Whether you're looking for Rudy Project eyewear in Sydney's CBD or Mosman, Boneham Peters Optometrist is a trusted destination for high-quality eye care and stylish eyewear choices. With a passion for both vision and style, they have earned the loyalty of long-standing patients who value their commitment to preserving and enhancing sight.