Are You Having Trouble Finding Rudy Prescription?

Need Rudy Project Sports Prescription but having problems finding it?

If your optometrist is either Specsavers or OPSM, or other selected regional optometrist's, you may experience difficulty obtaining Rudy Project sports prescription eyewear.

In Australia, like many other countries around the world, the optical market is dominated by the Luxottica Group operators of Sunglass Hut and OPSM retailers and many others. This can make obtaining Rudy Project Sports Prescription difficult and in many cases... impossible! These optical retailers never purchase Rudy Project products to offer on range, preferring to support their own in-house brands and not providing their customers with the opportunity to select Rudy Project. We think this is very sad particularly as we know Rudy Project has the best sports prescription program in the world with multiple frame and lens options to suit all sports performance and fitting needs. Specsavers is another Goliath chain of stores that dominate the Australian Optical business. Just like the OPSM business, there is no way they will support Rudy Project.
In saying this both Specsavers and Luxottica owned retail stores offer great service and products including eye testing and will continue to in the future.

So what does a consumer do when they go to one of these optical chain retailers or country optometrists and enquire about Rudy Project? Generally they will receive a negative response and my be told they are not stocked and not able to offer the Rudy Project brand. Customers will generally accept the advice of the optometrist and will be steered towards another brand which may or may not be the best option to meet their sporting needs. We have seen some cases where the customer even walks out with non sporting sunglasses.

Don't despair - we're here for you ! Now you can manage the process from end-to-end directly with us... complete frame and scripted lens packages are now available from Rudy Project Dealers
Why let someone else make your decision? Rudy Project Australia now makes it easy to order and find the right optical dealer, even if you in a country town our independent optical dealers will deliver to you. Simply obtain your current or updated script from your optometrist - including your PD (pupil distance) measurement. Contact our specialists at Rudy Project Australia head office and we will analyse your script and present the best options in our range to suit your individual needs. As world leaders in sports prescription eyewear we are the experts when it comes to frame fitting, sports specific design and lens range options.

If you would like to talk about Sports Prescription, please give us a call, have a chat and receive FREE expert advice.

How to make it happen -

Contact us at Rudy Project Australia at or call on 0448631892 to discuss your prescription options. We also need some information from you
Prices start from $799 Single Vision Smoke Grey Lens Tint.
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Rudy Project Sports Prescription Glasses are used for many sports. By also changing the lens tint in the front you can easily change from a cycling prescription glass to a fishing prescription glasses with polarized lenses

Rudy Project RX Glasses are used for

  • Cycling Prescription Glasses
  • Triathlon Prescription Glasses
  • Running Prescription Glasses
  • Golf prescription Glasses
  • Tennis Prescription Glasses
  • Shooting Prescription Glasses
  • Skiing Prescription Glasses (not goggles)
  • Beach Prescription Glasses
  • Fishing Prescription Glasses
  • Kite Surfing, Wind Surfing Prescription Glasses
  • Sailing Prescription Glasses
  • Cricket Prescription Glasses
  • Baseball Prescription Glasses
  • Many many other sports that require sports prescription lenses.